444XC 1/2 Diameter Self Adhesive Brown Bumpers 4 Pack

Sep 14, 2020

Enhance and Protect Your Furniture with 444XC Self Adhesive Brown Bumpers

Welcome to Cornerstone Design Company, your trusted source for top-quality furniture accessories. Introducing our outstanding 444XC 1/2 Diameter Self Adhesive Brown Bumpers 4 Pack, designed to help you enhance and protect your furniture efficiently and effectively.

Discover the Premium Quality of 444XC Brown Bumpers

At Cornerstone Design Company, we take pride in offering the highest quality furniture accessories that ensure both functional and aesthetic satisfaction. Our 444XC Brown Bumpers are crafted with utmost care, intended to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

When it comes to protecting your furniture from scratches, dents, and other damages caused by frequent use, our 444XC Self Adhesive Brown Bumpers act as the perfect solution. Made with premium materials, these bumpers are designed to withstand heavy loads and everyday wear and tear.

Easy to Install and Versatile

With its self-adhesive backing, the installation of our 444XC Brown Bumpers is quick and hassle-free. Simply peel off the protective backing and stick them onto the desired surface. These bumpers can be easily applied to various furniture pieces including cabinets, drawers, tabletops, chairs, and more.

Our 444XC Self Adhesive Brown Bumpers come in a pack of four, providing you with sufficient quantities to accommodate multiple furniture items in your home or office.

Protect Your Flooring and Reduce Noise

In addition to protecting your furniture, our 444XC Brown Bumpers also help prevent damage to your flooring. The soft, yet durable material acts as a cushion, reducing the impact when furniture is moved or rearranged. This helps to preserve the quality and appearance of your floors for an extended period.

The self-adhesive nature of these bumpers also aids in noise reduction, preventing furniture from sliding or creating unwanted sounds. Enjoy a quiet and serene environment at all times with the help of our 444XC Self Adhesive Brown Bumpers.

Shop with Confidence at Cornerstone Design Company

When you choose Cornerstone Design Company, you can always be confident in receiving exceptional customer service, top-notch products, and an effortless shopping experience. We prioritize your satisfaction and go the extra mile to provide you with the best possible products.

Ordering your 444XC 1/2 Diameter Self Adhesive Brown Bumpers 4 Pack is easy. Simply add the item to your cart, proceed to checkout, and enjoy our free shipping on all orders. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you can shop with peace of mind.

Cornerstone Design Company is your premier destination for furniture accessories. Explore our wide range of products and discover the perfect solutions to enhance your living or workspaces. Achieve the ultimate combination of functionality and aesthetics with Cornerstone Design Company.

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Neil Hannon
Great find! These self-adhesive brown bumpers are just what I needed to enhance and protect my furniture. 👍
Oct 5, 2023