Designer Fabric For Apparel, Quilting, Home Decor & Crafts

Dec 6, 2020

Welcome to Cornerstone Design Company, your one-stop destination for exceptional designer fabric for apparel, quilting, home decor, and crafts. We take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality fabrics that will inspire your creative pursuits and elevate your projects to new heights.

Unleash Your Creativity with Premium Designer Fabric

At Cornerstone Design Company, we understand the importance of using the finest materials in your artistic creations. That's why we curate a diverse collection of premium designer fabrics, handpicked to meet the demands of discerning craftsmen and artisans like you.

Whether you're a fashion designer looking to create stunning garments, a quilter in search of unique patterns, or a home decor enthusiast aiming to add a touch of sophistication to your living space, you'll find the perfect fabric at our online store.

Exceptional Quality for Every Project

When it comes to your creative endeavors, compromising on quality is simply not an option. That's why we source our designer fabrics from renowned manufacturers who prioritize excellence and craftsmanship.

Our extensive collection features a variety of materials, including luxurious silks, durable cottons, vibrant prints, and textured upholstery fabrics. Each fabric undergoes meticulous quality checks to ensure that you receive only the best.

When you choose Cornerstone Design Company, you can trust that your fabric will not only look beautiful but also stand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come.

Satisfy Your Fabric Needs Across Various Creative Pursuits

From fashion to home decor, our designer fabric collection caters to a wide range of creative pursuits. Let's explore how our fabrics can elevate your projects:


Bring your fashion dreams to life with our exquisite range of designer fabrics. Whether you're designing a breathtaking evening gown, a tailored suit, or a casual ensemble, our fabrics will provide the perfect foundation for your sartorial masterpieces. With a blend of comfort, style, and sophistication, you'll feel confident and empowered in garments made from our premium fabrics.


Create beautiful and intricate quilts that captivate hearts with our carefully selected range of quilting fabrics. From traditional designs to modern patterns, our collection offers an array of choices to suit your artistic vision. The high thread count and soft finishes of our fabrics ensure that your quilts are not only visually stunning but also cozy and durable.

Home Decor:

Transform your living space into a haven of elegance with our designer home decor fabrics. Whether you're revamping your bedroom with luxurious drapes, adding a pop of color to your living room with bold accent pillows, or crafting unique table linens for special occasions, our fabrics will help you create an ambiance that reflects your personal style and taste.


Unleash your creativity in various crafts and DIY projects with our versatile range of designer fabrics. From handmade bags and accessories to unique wall art and soft toys, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and allow our fabrics to be the canvas for your artistic expression.

Shop with Confidence and Convenience

At Cornerstone Design Company, we strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience for all our customers. Our user-friendly website allows you to browse through our extensive collection with ease, enabling you to find the perfect fabric for your next project quickly.

Once you've made your selection, our secure checkout process ensures that your personal and payment information is protected. We offer reliable shipping options, so you can expect your chosen fabrics to arrive promptly at your doorstep.

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Experience the Cornerstone Design Company difference today and unlock a world of possibilities with our exceptional designer fabric collection. Elevate your projects and create masterpieces that leave a lasting impression. Shop now and let your creativity soar!

Colette Baruth
Love the diverse range of designer fabrics at Cornerstone Design Company! 😍 Perfect for unleashing your creative genius! 💫✂️
Nov 8, 2023